Monopolar Temporary Pacing Wires 

Monopolar series


S - series

The basic S configuration provides an easy to place wire that can     

be used for Epicardial or Myocardial placement. Small needle and

wire diameter reduces potential for bleeding in Myocardial





SF - series

This wire has an atraumatic flare design that enables quick positive fixation when using myocardial placement. Small needle and wire diameter reduces potential for bleeding.




SE - series

With the signature hook configuration, the SE series is an ideal wire

for Epicardial placement. The wire is bonded at the tip to keep it

from unbraiding. This configuration is ideal for Atrial or Pediatric

applications. The wire is pre-bent for ease of placement. This design

eliminates the requirement to remove and discard needles.




SO - series

Single pole series with an O-shape wire end. The O shape with

bullet electrode provides increased surface area for Epicardial

placement and secure fixation within the stay suture.




Indifferent series

The indifferent wire is specifically designed to be used as a skin

lead. This lead has a taper cut needle for easy placement in skin,

has reduced length and does not have a thoracic needle. The

Indifferent lead is placed on an extremity as second pole; it is ideal

in case an additional lead is needed for safety due to failure of one

of the leads placed on the heart.




Several key advantages to choose temporary pacing wires from Medical Concepts Europe:


  • •Small diameter wire and needles
  • •Atraumatic designs to minimize potential for bleeding

•Custom made options

•Also for Atrial fixation

Download flyer MCE monopolar temporary pacing wires here